A non-rainy rainforest 

Puerto Rico is having a drought.   When I think of drought I think of Iowa.  I don’t know why.  Maybe all those fields of crops. But we have a bad drought here in the Caribbean.

San Juan has really been hit hard.  They have been rationing water, turning it off for the residents for a day or two at a time.  Most people have water tanks on their homes, apartments and hotels (we have one). So I guess they are living off those when the water is off?

This article above is from the newspaper that arrives on our doorstep every morning.  We’re totally not paying for it. But above it shows a waterfall now compared to the same one a couple years ago. Below, I translated another part of the article.

And that’s all I translated so don’t ask me for more details  (haha)

We, however, live in the wettest and muggiest part of the island! No problem here.

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