Los calles del Yauco eran tan empanada las aceras eran escaleras.

The streets of Yauco were so steep, the sidewalks were stairs.


I heard Yauco, the southern town, had crazy looking stairs since the city was on such a steep hill.  We had to check it out last year.


Trevor and I used Google maps to guess the approximate location of these famous stairways. When we got to the slightly scetchy neighborhood, we just drove around.


Google maps said this was a nice street to drive down. NOT!

It was probably one of Trevor’s most unusual and focused drives.  And our poor car…

Cool colors!


in the town


Yauco is a coffee town.  Yum! Below is a coffee tree sculpture.

Holding ears as the car with gigantic speaks rolled past

Coffee cup bike rack!

We found a nice cafe on the square. Slot machines and sandwiches! Perfect!





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1 Response to Yauco

  1. Cassie says:

    Cool! I have seen Yauco from a distance, but haven’t visited the town yet. Those stair sidewalks are so funny!

    Just FYI since you’re learning Spanish I thought I might give you feedback to help you translate your first sentence.

    The streets of Yauco were so steep the sidewalks were stairs.

    Las calles de Yauco fueron tan empinadas que las aceras fueron escaleras.

    Las (feminine) calles de (not del) Yauco fueron (or present tense son works too -if you use eran you are saying they used to be) tan empinadas (feminine plural- I think I would have used “inclinadas” and also fyi empanada means breaded jeje 😉 ) que las aceras fueron escaleras.

    Español: Paso a paso 🙂

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