Amigos and belonging

So, for the third year we’ve attended the end-of-year ceremonies for our kid’s school. Each kid gets a little certificate of completion. And it’s a big deal this year since the Montessori school has its first high school graduate! Cool!

Between the trees you can see the ocean

The first school event we attended was at this covered basketball court. Trevor and I (with our orbiting kids) barely knew anyone, weren’t sure who spoke English, weren’t good enough yet to really have a Spanish conversation, and accidentally sat with all the students because we didn’t know what to do.  I longed to have a tribe.

Well, I can safely say that we have one now.  I greeted at least 12 different parental groups with kisses on the cheek, held someone’s else’s baby, and had another 5 year old girl come and hold my hand, and understood a classmate when she ran over to tell me my daughter se cayó.  The other kids gathered around my girl making sure she was ok.  Heartwarming.

se cayo – she fell

I made plans for play dates and dinner parties. Parents thanked me for taking the school photos.  Speaking of which…

I had a sweaty blast taking the school photos a couple weeks ago.  High schoolers assisted me and taught me how to say espalda derecha! Straight back! Haha. I sat the kindergartners under the mango tree for shade. Later realizing I was lucky because it’s mango season and they tend to drop off the trees and bonk people on the head. !!!

waiting for the next preschooler, my high school assistant ready with the fill light. I don’t know how he wasn’t roasting in the sun. I was so hot and got sunburned!

the mango tree – not dropping mangos 🙂

I had a chance to chit chat with the teenagers. I like teens. I get along well with them.

Wow.  Three years have flown!



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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    How wonderful that you feel that you fit in now. Good for you, I know it must have been very difficult when you first moved not knowing anyone. That is great you got to use your photography skills, too 🙂

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