Disney on Ice

It snowed in Puerto Rico today!!!

We took the kids to Disney on Ice for the second year in a row. Last time we saw it in Ponce. This time we ventured to the Coliseo in San Juan.

Pina Colada vendor walking around. Probably non-alcoholic but do they sell these at the Stateside shows? lol

The 4 o’clock start time came and the skaters began the opening number. If you know anything about island time you know that virtually nothing starts on time. Even the movie theatres say a show starts at 4 but then it has half an hour of previews and starts at 4:30. Not Disney on Ice! I would estimate that at least 1/4 of the audience hadn’t arrived for the start of the show. They trickled in culminating in the people in front of us seating themselves at 4:30.

Arial and a guy coming in late

While my kids watch Disney cartoons on TV, I realized that they have ever seen a Disney movie. Oh wait – my daughter watched Moana once in the airplane. But other than that – none. (Star Wars a New Hope notwithstanding). They know a few characters from a “Five minute Princess Stories” book we have. They enjoyed the show nonetheless.

Trevor needs to teach this move on iCoachSkating.com haha

When Disney on Ice travels outside the States they change the sound track to the local language. PR loves Spanglish so the songs were in English but all the recorded dialogue was in Spanish. The actors tried to lip sync with the words but sometimes they just moved their lips a little and used lots of expression.

Most Puerto Ricans have never ice skated and are pretty impressed with simple skating moves. Trevor was the sole clapper for the double axels and triple toes that we saw. 🙂

Being as the skating world is small, Trevor actually knew one of the skaters. She played Elsa and her name is Anna (don’t get confused here!).

Trevor knew Anna playing Elsa


Security was extra tight so we couldn’t go backstage but she and her friend Rachel came to us.

I asked if the show had a contingency plan for if the power went out. (I was serious). She laughed and said no. They’d just stop skating. Fair enough. After this tour she is slated to do Disney shows in Europe. Yay! More lip syncing in foreign languages!

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    How cool! I didn’t know that Disney on Ice performed there, how awesome!

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