Chikungunya. Hard to say, nasty to get.

A mosquito bites you. You get a fever, then your joints ache something fierce.  Which can stick with you and flair up for 6-12 months.  Fun!

So far the outbreaks have been mostly around San Juan. But slowly it’s spreading westward. My friend Alvin got it 🙁 and our massage therapist says more and more of her clients have it.

So Trevor and I started getting a little worried.  I mean, I could deal with getting sick, but lemme tell ya, I’m scared to think what would happen if Trevor or the kids get it.  There’s not much of a cure besides drinking OJ and taking tylenol. (My son hates both).

I bought Deet-free Citronella bracelets for the kiddos. They lasted about 15 minutes before they became playthings and ultimately ended up decorating the tree.  Uh, I’ll use bug spray from now on.

IMG_2679There are no screens on the windows, or screen doors on the house…so, I guess we’ll just have to keep killing the skeeters in the house as they enter.

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  1. Whooof. That sounds scary – how can you avoid mosquitos without poison? I’ve never found a way.

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