El Cine – The Mayaguez movie theatre experience

Trevor and I have been going on a lot of movie dates this fall. 

There are two theatres in town. Both are freezing! Wear pants. Maybe even a hoodie. And wear your giant wedge shoes too.  

 Learn to read Spanish really fast! All the movies are subtitled. 

There’s at least 30 minutes of commercials and previews before the show actually starts. I personally love previews so I don’t mind.  


Although I’m not sure about the message in this Sprite commercial

Tickets are cheap! Two adults for an evening show =$13.50!! Popcorn is cheap too. And the bathrooms actually have toilet paper, so that’s good. 

Oh, and lastly, in EVERY show we’ve seen there’s been a baby or toddler in the crowd. Seriously. I’m waiting for Spectre to start and there’s a one year old in the last row. Who brings a toddler to James Bond??? There was one in Mockingjay pt 2 as well. Jeez!


If you take your garbage to the garbage bins at the exit when the movie is done you will be in the minority. And we are always the last ones to leave. Hey, I like reading the credits!

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