Festival de la Piña

My daughter and I went to the Piña Festival in La Parguera, Lajas today. That’s in the Southwest part of the island where the climate is very dry. The boys in the family didn’t have much interest in going so the chicas went sola.

An easy 40 minute drive from home, we snagged a parking spot in a dirt parking lot. We started sweating immediately!

I was hoping this was a little better than the coffee festival in Maricao. It was smaller, but there were many more piña-themed items here than there were coffee-themed items at the coffee festival. So that made me happy. Not as many craft vendors but oh well. My 6 year old wasn’t in the mood to shop much. But I did manage to buy a pineapple soap.

At 11am there was already make-your-ears-bleed super loud music playing in the middle of the festival area. Am I the only one who thinks music that loud is unnecessary? I had to carry my girl in my arms while she covered her ears and we rushed past. Oh well.

This poor guy/gal was in a piña costume. It was like 90 degrees outside, and as someone whose worn those costumes a few times, I know that person was DYING inside!

We walked to where the guaguas (buses and trolleys) were taking people to a nearby pineapple farm. Since we pretty much did everything at the festival in like 20 minutes, we decided to go to the farm. We waited about 20 minutes for the 15 minute air conditioned ride to the finca (farm).

Dude behind us is smiling too

Then we waited a short time for a tractor ride through the farm. I thought it would be like the pumpkin rides I’d been to. We get off and walk around looking at the piñas then hop back on and ride back. Nope. It was an 8 minute ride in a circle and the driver pointed out the seca piña plants (they were too dry to grow). But we were in a covered wagon and couldn’t see much. Oh well.

Tiny pineapple on the dry plant

We got a piña colada in a real pineapple. (The girl gave me a funny look when I asked if it had alcohol. No it didn’t. I forgot that you actually have to specifically request Rum in your piña coladas here. It’s ok I was sharing with my kiddo)

We took the bus back then walked to the car. Super hot. But I’m glad we went.

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Thank you for sharing more of you sojourns in PR! I usually catch your posts but don’t always post but I do love reading and seeing your photos 🙂

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