La ultima dia de escuela – mama y dada

The school year went a bit late this spring to make up for the 27 days lost to hurricanes last fall. Thursday was the last school day, so Trevor and I decided to have a mini adventure without the kiddos before we would be in close quarters ALL summer long.We donned our full face snorkel masks and swam around Steps Beach in Rincon! (highly recommend the full face masks-much more relaxing to use and easier to see stuff.)

I didn’t know the [incorrect] date was on the photo. How old school.

This is the 2nd time we’ve snorkeled here (and anywhere on the island). The coral is protected and it’s a popular place to dive. I don’t know why everything is so brown and not colorful. I’m sure Cassie knows. But it’s a whole different world to explore!

But we saw many many species of fish! Blue ones! Stripey! The Elkhorn formations too (which I called Moose when I was there – close enough) and the biggest Brain coral ever. haha

Elk. Moose.

What a big brain you have

There were plenty of other people enjoying the area too, so we didn’t feel isolated. Which actually I liked.

The waves ebbed and flowed and it was fun to watch this school of fish literally just go with the flow.

Usually he sinks in water

We swam for about 45 minutes then called it quits. I’m grateful that we can do something so cool while the kids are in school. We didn’t tell them we went haha

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Steps is a great place to snorkel, glad you got to go without the kiddos!

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