Mama wants to know: “Are we there yet?”

T minus 6 days.
It’s only been a little over two months since we made a definite ‘yes’ about moving. Most of the big things have been sold, and now all that remains are details.

  • Clean our house
  • Shipping our boxes
  • Returning all library books
  • Cancelling all utilities
  • Making online orders to ship to the new place
  • Appointments: doc, dentist, haircut
  • Get my shoes repaired
My go-to shoe repair guy at Cecil's Shoe Repair, and his cat Mr. Felix

My go-to shoe repair guy at Cecil’s Shoe Repair, and his cat Mr. Felix

  • Learning important Spanish phrases from our babysitter for Ms. P when she’s older: No mueves la cola. No mueves nada. (Don’t shake your butt. Don’t move anything!) Dejala (leave her alone-boys!)
The best babysitter

The best babysitter

I know there’s lots of little things to do, but for cryin out loud, Are We There Yet? Let’s get this show on the calle.

I think the kids feel the same way. Mr. D has been acting out a bit more. Ms. P has been uber clingy.

I’ve left my wallet at home 2x this week (something I never do).

The land lady blamed us for our house not renting because it’s too messy when people come to view it (I disagree).

I nearly fell over in the post office parking lot because I was trying to carry 6 boxes full of books.

We’re running outta toilet paper and I refuse to buy more.

Let’s go let’s go Vamos! Start our new life already!

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