My late night visitor

They’re like Santa. Bringing packages in the dark of night. Who?

The UPS guys! (I have yet to see a female driver)

One of the first conversations I had in Spanish when we moved was with the UPS guy on his first delivery to our house.

Me: “Es muy tarde, no?”

Him: “no. Es temprano . ” (early)

It was 9:50pm.  They always deliver after 9pm. The latest delivery we had I think was around 11pm. I guess the whole signing thing is optional because they just leave the package if we don’t answer. (aka, we’re asleep)

a UPS truck I saw on the road at midnight

After salsa dancing I drive past the UPS center where all the trucks park and all the trucks are out and about!

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Haha, how odd that they deliver so late at night. I certainly wouldn’t be answering the door, either.

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