Peculiarities of northern winters

The concepts of snow and cold sum up winter for most people. And yes, those are the essential elements.

But living in Puerto Rico has shown me that changes in latitudes results in more than simply differences in thermometers and precipitation. Here are some observations about winter that are often overlooked.

1). Twilight lasts incredibly long. When the top sliver of sun sinks below the horizon, orange and yellow play on the sky for another solid 40 minutes. Closer to the equator, after the sun disappears there’s really only light for what feels like maybe 15 minutes more.

2) The air is so clear! With such little humidity in the air, you can see so much farther. 

3) dry air = dry skin


Nothing revolutionary but I’m glad I get to experience both.  But I was relieved to get back home. Winter coats are so bulky!

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