Power struggles

The power goes out or has a blip almost every day here in Puerto Rico. The digital clock on my stove needs to be reset constantly. I know our power company on the island doesn’t have any money, which means the power lines along the road are not maintained. The tree growth on the cords is actually pretty impressive. But with a little wind, a heavy rain, or heck, even too much sun, out goes the power.  Even if just for a moment.

There’s a wire under there

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6 Responses to Power struggles

  1. Wow, everyday?? our last outage was maybe two months ago. We go about every 4 months or so before we lose power. I think the worst was when it was out for almost 14 hrs. Thank goodness for the generator! I do hear that certain parts of aguadilla loses power a lot too. I think the whole power outage thing was one of the interesting quirks we discovered when researching for our move here. Oh island life. ????

  2. Lisa Bagchi says:

    What to they call this – infrastructure? This is interesting, but inconvenient I’m sure.

  3. Tonie says:

    Thank Goodness our power doesn’t go out too often here in Quebradilla but lately our water has gone out for the last two nights right about 10:30p and then it is up in the morning again. Thank God for the cistern.

    The only problem we have more of and it is not really a problem, is that there are thunderstorm practically every day and though it doesn’t always rain, the threat of lightning striking the t.v. or computer is always there. That’s why we alwys unplug the computer and turn off the t.v. and unplug it also.

    Other than that, life is very blissful here in the “Island of Enchantment” or “Isla del Encanto”.


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