Rain rain go away…or redistribute

So, more than half the island is under severe drought. Like, even the major city of San Juan is rationing water. Three days without and one day with. I’ve heard that one day with water is pretty crazy. Like water tank trucks filling up, people going crazy filling up water jugs, doing laundry etc. I friend of mine wondered if just redusing the water pressure to help conserve would be easier for the people than just cutting off water altogether. Dunno?

But I read an article in the newspaper we get. They are going to shoot chemicals in the air to make rain. I don’t know about you but that sort of rumor makes me concerned. So I decided to ask my good friend who is a high school chemistry teacher what it’s all about.

Well I guess I’ve breathed in enough sidewalk salt in my winters growing up a little more in the sky might be ok.
I do feel a little guilty though when I let my kids play with the hose, and we complain about running through the downpours we have here in Mayaguez. There is no water shortage here!


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2 Responses to Rain rain go away…or redistribute

  1. Cassandra says:

    Hi Laura! We’re in Carolina and the rationing isn’t much fun! Being from California I’m used to water conservation but not the strict rationing here. One side effect I’m seeing is a lot more waste as a result. More plastic bottle use and a lot of places and homes are using disposable plates and silverware, I don’t blame them, it can be expensive to go out and buy water everyday just to wash dishes. I hope Tropical Storm Danny sends water our way over on the east side!

    • Laura says:

      I was wondering if people were taking that route! Danny seems to be missing you up there but there’s always Hurricane Erika!

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