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I used to hang out at a lot of cafes. Even my kids dig going to them. I searched online and didn’t really find any cafes listed in Mayaguez. I didn’t expect to find one with a fireplace, plush seating and kids play areas, but there had to be something…


i need makeup

Ahoy! I saw a cafe on the main highway called “Camille’s sidewalk cafe”. Could this be my find?

I learned that it was a chain, but whatev. I dropped Trevor off at the Banco Popular to spend three hours opening a bank account for us (actually it didn’t take that long. We had read on other blogs that it would be a horrific all day affair but it wasn’t).

The booths reminded me of a George Webb’s. The menu reminded me of watered down Panera.


fun decor

The coffee menu had me concerned at first. IMG_0255But I saw an espresso machine and ordered a latte. The guy did not ask me what size and I didn’t tell him. It was kind of refreshing to be handed over a ~6 ounce latte. I don’t even think they had a grande/enormous/triple whatever option here.  And, there is no decaf. I didn’t bother asking for skim milk ha ha


The 2 year old’s hands make this latte look huge

The bathroom was very quiet. You wonder what I’m talking about? You obviously don’t have a child who is very scared of loud flushing toilets and automatic hand dryers. Quiet bathrooms are of great selling point for me.


I like this place. The music however was a little odd. Like spa meets New Age meets mellow Christian music.

This café could’ve been in any city. But of course I could look out the window, see an abandoned semi trailer in the parking lot and remember that I was in Puerto Rico.IMG_0253

I will be back.

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2 Responses to Search for a cafe

  1. Love the shot out of the window. And the quiet bathroom. Right there with you. Stall of Terrors.

  2. Heather Heritage says:

    Right with you on the hand driers!

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