Veins, socks, sand, and grunting pigs

Venas varicosas. Vericose veins. Boo…

But yay for finding a nice doctor in Mayaguez that will treat them.

Ok, I’m drafting this post as I sit in the waiting room. And this father and son are both plugged into their electronics. And one of them (the father I think) IS PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS WITH THE VOLUME AT FULL BLAST!!!!!!!!! It’s annoying and kinda funny and the same time. It’s better than the soap opera on the TV.

weeee! Angry Birds! snort snort crash crash

Anyway, thankfully I only had to get one leg treated. One secretary spoke English and the main doctor Trina did as well. She says 99.9% of her patients speak Spanish. She’d never had to give her ‘vein spiel’ in English before. haha

buzz to get let in

I declined the Xanax and numbing cream and opted for my iPod as a distraction instead. Ella Fitzgerald don’t fail me now.

waiting for the nurses to lay out all the sterilized sheets and equipment

The procedure was ok. Took many jabs to enter into my young vein. But I found out the doctor is Canadian, studied in the States, and moved to Puerto Rico seven years ago as a professional salsa dancer. Cool! I didn’t get any tips on where the best dancing was around here though. šŸ™

I have a thigh high silk nylon to wear now. Lacy. With a garter. Haha. I’m kidding. It would be a lot more fun if that were the case. But I have to wear my thigh high compression sock 48 solid hours. Which is why I sat at the beach watching everyone else swim during a birthday party 2 days later. Ugh. I’m hot again just remembering it.

So not cool. Sweltering actually


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2 Responses to Veins, socks, sand, and grunting pigs

  1. Brenda Bravo-Kapper says:

    Hope you are doing well. Today’s Spanish lesson:
    Poco /mucho – for amounts ( adjective or adverb)
    Pequenno/ Grande – for size So “es una pequena operaciĆ³n”
    Alto/ bajo- for height
    largo/corto – for length.
    I hope this helps . Once a teacher , always a teacher.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    Oh, my, hope your leg is doing better!

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