Ice skating!!

I can’t believe I haven’t  written  about this before! We’ve been there a dozen times!  

 The only skating rink in the Caribbean is 45 minutes away from us in Aguadilla.   

Daddy likes leg hugs


Trevor helping our son

It’s a small rink with a lame zamboni but it’s cool and fun to share a little of our Wisconsin childhoods with our kids. Plus the only snow in Puerto Rico is right out the back door!

They rent skates but we are skating snobs and bring our own. Rental skates make you work twice as hard. Just ask all the Puert Ricans clutching the wall. Lol  

There’s a restaurant with slow service outside, but it’s hard to beat the views. Even when you go to the ladies loo you catch a glimpse of the ocean. Nice!   


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2 Responses to Ice skating!!

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    How really neat to be able to ice skate and look at the ocean at the same time! Your children are getting such a fantastic experience living in PR.

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