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Slip sliding away (in Salto Curet…)

After reading a couple of websites and getting some personal accounts of the waterfalls named Salto Curet, I felt really confident about taking my family and another dad and his young child there for a day trip. My friend and … Continue reading

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Observations from behind the wheel

Yesterday on the way to school I saw three people riding horses bareback in the road.  I had to slow down and swerve.  You know, the usual. Today I saw the grass next to the road was on fire producing … Continue reading

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Whoa! Pictures worth…words I have not


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Leave her alone!

I like Friends Cafe on the Mayaguez square. They make nice drinks. But it happens every time. EVERY time. That creepy guy is always there. Creepy guys I can handle. Creepy guys who slide on over to touch my girl’s … Continue reading

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Globetrotting families – Ida

Globetrotting Families – guest post ***the first post in a sporadic series of interviews of other families that have lived around this world of ours*** I met Ida in the Mom’s Club in Madison. A beautiful lady inside and out, … Continue reading

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Salsa dancing in the street

The Bull Pit that I first went salsa dancing has since closed, so I was on the scout for a new place to have my salsa fun. Alvin told me about La Naza and we finally met up there earlier … Continue reading

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Charleston, charleston, made in San German

I finally learned the name of the dance group we taught Lindy Hop to.  Tres Generaciones which means Three Generations. This February we spent three nights teaching them Charleston, some lifts and an entire dance routine for their recital this … Continue reading

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Parallelogram: Top Ten Things That Matter, Six Months Later

\One experience explored from two points-of-view\ \\ Lisa\Montreal My family moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Montreal, Quebec last August.  Here are my TOP TEN THINGS THAT MATTER, SIX MONTHS LATER: The farmer’s market is open all year-round and I know how … Continue reading

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