Speed bump passive aggressive battles

Mayaguez LOVES speed bumps.  On my route between school and my gym, I bump on top of more than 20! (my poor shocks).  The city recently added two fresh ones. Did the residents request it? Who knows…but it has amounted to some hilarious passive aggressive behaviors.

When the bumps first arrived drivers were just avoiding one by driving on the grass around it.  So someone stacked a tidy pile of rocks on  the flat grass.  A nice little way of saying, hey, don’t drive on the grass.

img_0415.jpg Which apparently didn’t keep people from not driving on the grass.  So, someone added more piles of rocks.

Then one morning I saw the rocks had been painted red.  Blood red.  Like, it actually looked like blood.  But that afternoon, someone else took said bloody rocks and spread out the tidy little piles.

A few days later Trevor told me he actually saw someone throwing the rocks into the bushes down the hill there.  Sorry for the blurry pic. Someone was behind me and it was raining. Adios rocas.  Hahaha.  What next will we see? 🙂


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4 Responses to Speed bump passive aggressive battles

  1. Britton says:

    I hate speed bumps. I honk when I go over them.

    Protip: Those bumps pictured are weak. Hit them at 30 and you’ll fly right over them as if they weren’t there.

  2. Pedro Antonio Garcia Morales says:

    Does any one know if there isca legal height and size to construct a speed bump in Puerto Rico.

    And if there is a record which speed bumps are installed by the government or privately

    • Laura says:

      Sorry I have no idea. I do remember that some bumps did seem higher than others, but had assumed that some were smaller just because they were older. They are all so hard on the car’s shocks! Speed humps would be better and keep traffic flowing

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