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Fuimos a Culebra

Puerto Rico has a tiny island off the east coast named Culebra and for far too long it’s been on our to-do list to visit. Time to go! We splurged on an airplane commute, departing from Ceiba on the east … Continue reading

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La ultima dia de escuela – mama y dada

The school year went a bit late this spring to make up for the 27 days lost to hurricanes last fall. Thursday was the last school day, so Trevor and I decided to have a mini adventure without the kiddos … Continue reading

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Guilligan island

Trevor and I recently stayed at the Copamarina Resort in the south. My Dad and step-mom took care of our kids for three days. Yay! For $10 a person, the resort will ferry you over to the little Guilligan’s Island. … Continue reading

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Signs of a bankrupt country

There are a lot of things I like about living in Puerto Rico.  But sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore the effects of living in a country that is poorer than the poorest state (Mississippi) with a corrupt government … Continue reading

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A Poem: A Parent’s Walk on the Beach

Last Friday we took the boat to the island Caja de Muertos.  Yeah, that means coffin. The boat drops you off at 8:30am and leaves at 3:30, which is longer than we usually spend at the beach.  I was inspired … Continue reading

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Good Friday. AKA Beach Friday

When I was a kid Good Friday meant going to a long mass at church. And no meat. There are probably aspects of those traditions here, but when I ask the locals what’s the tradition on Good Friday? They all … Continue reading

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