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No matter how far you roam…

no matter how far you roam on this planet, how far you go from the familiar, how little you have to grasp on to that is comforting, there will always be music. Music that transports you to a happy memory, … Continue reading

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Momentous news!

“Have you seen Facebook or the news??” my sister texted me. I hadn’t. Gay marriage was legal in ALL states! The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage spurred Puerto Rico into following suit! yippee! I saw this article. After … Continue reading

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Oh please don’t let this have the typical outcome!

So many business that looked like they once we great ended up as decrepit and abandoned around here. In Aguadilla there is an old kids train and what once looked like an awesome area full of activities. Now the huge … Continue reading

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Kids know we were born to travel

“When is Emma moving to Puerto Rico?” (Emma lives in St Louis) “Why do they speak English in Wisconsin?” (Meaning, why not mostly Spanish like at home?) “Can we go to Mexico/Japan/France?” These are all questions my son has asked … Continue reading

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Rincon Art Walk

Art Walk in Rincon every Thursday night? Sounds like a great date night idea! So I spotted my trendy albeit impractical high heel shoes and headed there with Trevor.     The Rincon square was packed with vendors selling jewelry, … Continue reading

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Faro – Lighthouse en Rincon

Staycations rock on a tropical island! Especially when there’s new stuff to explore.   Enter the Rincon lighthouse. Easy to get to. Free. Only slightly creepy bathrooms.      Overlooks a nice beach that surfers love. But it’s RIGHT next to … Continue reading

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Old blog. New life

My previous blog has been sorely neglected, just like my photography. Well, I posted a few photos on that old blog leading any straggling readers this way. Here’s the link to a couple of photos I posted there: I … Continue reading

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A non-rainy rainforest 

Puerto Rico is having a drought.   When I think of drought I think of Iowa.  I don’t know why.  Maybe all those fields of crops. But we have a bad drought here in the Caribbean. San Juan has really … Continue reading

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TRAIN display score

  It had been a while since we made a train expedition for my son. Penuelas is a little town between Ponce and Mayaguez, and next to the plaza (by the Iglesia Catolica San Juan for those of you looking … Continue reading

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Pics and giggles

Here’s some funny pics while I wrap up my summer vacation…which I’ll post about once I get my head on straight.       Edit  

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