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Worth a watch

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Massa y tracks

I’ve been told to go to Massa restaurant for a while now.  Finally took my kiddos there (2x)  The place has more wood than any other building I’ve been in in Mayaguez.  haha  Kinda a brew pub kinda feel.  Fun … Continue reading

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Strange and amusing


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Puerto Rico: half European

“In July 1898, near the end of the Spanish-American War, U.S. forces launched an invasion of Puerto Rico” And so it began… I’m betting a lot of people in the USA don’t even know that Puerto Rico is part of … Continue reading

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A Poem: A Parent’s Walk on the Beach

Last Friday we took the boat to the island Caja de Muertos.  Yeah, that means coffin. The boat drops you off at 8:30am and leaves at 3:30, which is longer than we usually spend at the beach.  I was inspired … Continue reading

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Exoticness falling from the sky

I starting seeing a ton of small yellow fruits along the road. Not quite lemons, I needed a closer look.  At my son’s school a fellow Mom and I picked some up.  “They’re mangos” she answered to my query. Smaller, … Continue reading

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I can’t be myself

I’ve made a few awesome friends here, of which I am so happy. But I’m not sure any of them have seen the true me. The me that I’ve worked so hard to release from my cocoon of shyness that … Continue reading

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expat blog of the month

hey hey hey I’m the Expat blog blogger of the month! (When I was a kid, if you called me a blogger I probably would’ve cried. It sounds downright mean, haha)

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