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Irma’s aftermath

Last Wednesday was an anxious, all consuming day.  I watched Irma topple over Puerto Rico from Google’s live radar and we watched the Weather Station on TV more than ever before (side note – Dear Weather Station: Puerto Rico is … Continue reading

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Amigos and belonging

So, for the third year we’ve attended the end-of-year ceremonies for our kid’s school. Each kid gets a little certificate of completion. And it’s a big deal this year since the Montessori school has its first high school graduate! Cool! … Continue reading

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Un disastre

?Mayaguez is in a bit of a turmoil right now.  Though it seems to be nothing new according to people who have lived here longer than I. First, the university students are on strike.  While I never heard of this … Continue reading

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SPhoto chuckles

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Christmas in the Plaza

Last year they had an ice rink.  Being much more practical this year, the Mayaguez plaza had carnival rides, DJs, and food vendors. Super fun and not many people there on a Monday night. The carousel was free! Thanks city. … Continue reading

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Speed bump passive aggressive battles

Mayaguez LOVES speed bumps.  On my route between school and my gym, I bump on top of more than 20! (my poor shocks).  The city recently added two fresh ones. Did the residents request it? Who knows…but it has amounted … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon the perfect creepiness 

I needed to waste 20 minutes near Post Rd/Calle Betances/2R (it has a lot of names) and I finally walked in the park I’ve been eyeing since we moved here.  It was closed for repair, but reopened a few months … Continue reading

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Signs of a bankrupt country

There are a lot of things I like about living in Puerto Rico.  But sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore the effects of living in a country that is poorer than the poorest state (Mississippi) with a corrupt government … Continue reading

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Abandoned. Everywhere. 

In my last post, I wrote that PR has the most cars per square mile in the world. But I’d be so bold as to say that at least 1/4 of those cars are sitting around abandoned. I drive through … Continue reading

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Underpaying and non automated

Puerto Rico is very much a car culture. Puerto Rico has the most cars per square mile IN THE WORLD! Yes, that is correct. So….why do the car washes look like THIS:   and this:     Seriously, I’ve only … Continue reading

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