Abandoned airplane

Continuing our pursuit of all things aviation we finally found the elusive abandoned airplane in Aguadilla. I say elusive because a Google search yielded spotty information as to the whereabouts and how-to’s of how to view this ghost of a plane. So here’s the scoop: 

Park at this Puma station and walk into the fenced area next to it. Ignore the no trespassing sign. Wear socks and closed toe shoes because the grass can be long. But the plane itself is only about 50 yards from the road! 

There’s even a sturdy ladder near the back. We took turns ascending, even the kiddos.

I wasn’t going to climb into the aircraft at first because there was a high creep factor. But there was graffiti aplenty inside so I knew I wasn’t the first to risk it. And well, I can model safe behavior for my kids another day. Haha. In I went.

Trevor encouraged me to investigate the cockpit. Gee, was the folding chair part of the original design? Haha The creep factor increased exponentially here but the faint smell of urine didn’t let my mind reel out of control.

I immediately started brainstorming a photoshoot here. Oh yes, that would be cool.

For anyone who wants to research the origins of this plane, here’s the placard:

My Mom



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3 Responses to Abandoned airplane

  1. Annie O'Connell says:

    Cool! This reminds me of LOST.

  2. Al Roldan says:

    going by the serial number of the aircraft this is what I found.



    The previous link posted refers to a plane that was destroyed during a fatal crash.

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