Aliens & Lajas

Not coming from a place that has town plazas, I’m interested to explore all the ones around us. But I’ve learned that not all plazas are as interesting as the rest.

Lajas is a nearby little town with a plaza that is small, but it has a obelisk and PINEAPPLES!! Love it. The rest of the plaza is pretty, blah.

It’s near to the Ruta Extraterestrial. On route 303 just inside the Lajas boarderline.  There is a UFO themed restaurant/bar there too.  But alas, we didn’t see any UFO sightings.  We were lucky enough to field alien, space, and UFO questions from our almost 5 year old for a good 30 minutes.

I’m a big dork


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  1. So funny! Just the other day the husband was watching scifi channel or something like that and there was a show/series about UFO’s and sure enough they mentioned Lajas and then the husband proceeded to excitedly talk about all the sightings there. Lol!

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