Are my kids dropping the f bomb or what?

P’s favorite saying demand is “Pick me Up!” With her saying that so much, I wanted to teach her how to say it in Espanol. So over the holidays I texted our tutor.

Cogeme. Perfect! The kiddos took to the saying immediately.

Then we met up with our old babysitter, Meggy. Her eyes got bigger than ever when she heard us using that phrase.

“That’s something you say when you know, you want to get picked up. Like you’d say before sex.”


Wait, wha? I punched it in my little translate app.

oh no!

oh no!

What is my nice little girl saying?

What was my tutor smoking?

I turned to another source. Over coffee, I consulted my ever-patient neighbor Sonia. She said, sure, cogeme has no sexual connotations here. She giggled when I showed her my app.

So, woe to us when we travel to Mexico or be overheard by Mexicans in Wisconsin.

Learning Spanish is complicated. Why don’t they clear this stuff up in school? haha

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