Good Friday. AKA Beach Friday

When I was a kid Good Friday meant going to a long mass at church. And no meat.

There are probably aspects of those traditions here, but when I ask the locals what’s the tradition on Good Friday? They all answered: go to the beach.

Though it’s a tradition it’s also crazy. Like everybody goes to the beach. There are barely stores or restaurants open. The newspaper’s front page headline was about preparing for the deluge of locals, tourists, and internationals and they put it.

I was going to avoid the madness at all costs until my neighbor said she and her sister were going to Boqueron beach at six in the morning to claim a spot. Well… Can we join you?? Mooch mooch.

We arrived around 8:40 and there were a few people there already. We still found a good apt in the shade. Slowly the beach got more packed than I’d ever seen before. Police patrolled frequently. The atmosphere was fun.

I liked is tradition. Sometimes it’s nice to have the beach all to yourself. Sometimes the party atmosphere makes you feel like part of the crowd. I’d say most of the people were Puerto Ricans with a smattering of tourists.

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Looks like fun! I’m like you in that I’d prefer not many people at the beach but sometimes the more that are there, the more you get to people watch 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

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