Although I’m not keen on the term, I guess I led a pretty granola life in Madison. As Trevor once pointed out the first thing we bought in Whole Foods was always granola. And with him being gluten intolerant that kind of automatically puts you in a slightly granola category. By necessity.

It was a quest of mine to be able to kind of maintain our ‘granola’ in Puerto Rico as best we could. Local, organic, hormone/antibiotic/paraben/pesticide free was my mission! I Googled the health food stores in the area and found at least 4.

The first one we hit was Naturcentro. There are a few around town. Lots of gluten free options.  You can drop a pretty penny here. And we have.  They should love us!IMG_9747

Same goes for the Natural Foods Center.  They have more frozen goods options.  They had the kid’s probiotics I was looking for but it wasn’t refrigerated.  wha? It’s says right on the package to refrigerate! IMG_0138

I went to the market in Mayaguez.  Inside a somewhat dodgy building, I quickly learned that it’s not a farmer’s market.  The vendor I spoke to said he didn’t grow his produce for sale. I’m not even sure if those prices were cheaper than the grocery stores. I don’t think anything there is organic and much might not even be local.

the market

the market

We trekked to Rincon, which has a farmer’s market much like Madison’s. (which is hard to compete with!) Organic and local options there, with even a rumored CSA. (more about the farmer’s market later)IMG_9909I’ve found almost everything, save for a few granola bars my kiddos like, but the ever elusive item is organic and grass fed beef.  I’m paranoid about hormones in my meat. Not that she eats much meat, but I don’t want Ms. P going thru puberty at age 6. Might have to order online or venture up to Aguadilla to the Freshmart.

Gluten free options are even at the local Pueblo.  Gotta love that.

As far as phyiscal health, it seems like there is a ton of yoga around (even on the beach..hmm…could be fun?) Even yoga for kids. A few natural doctors, reiki, music therapy, that sort of stuff.  Gotta grab the Natural Awakening free magazine at these stores to get the scoop. Most options for these are in the more hippy-surfer cities north and south of Mayaguez, but some here.

I love this mission! I’m on a roll!


A little too happy about the Amazon shipment. I hope this stuff isn’t proven to be bad for you in the future!





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  1. Jean Truesdale says:

    Hi Laura, You are a skillful shopper! Don’t forget the beans and rice option that was always the staple in the Caribbean for years. Kraft foods came under fire a decade ago for their huge mac and cheese advertising campaign that caused many families to switch to that less healthy option. As for your zero soda, as long as it doesn’t contain aspartame you’re good. Latest research says that sweetener in diet sodas increases your risk of diabetes. Google NPR report on how diabetes and diet drinks are linked to see if you’re concerned. You can always drink Klarbrunn (mixed with a bit of juice?).

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