Learning a Puerto Rican pastime

Our neighbors invited us over to learn/play dominoes. We knew basically how to play it but not any sort of strategy.

Dominoes is all over. Plazas, playas and cocktail bars. (The beaches are especially fun because people put the dominos table right en el agua)

After we gorged ourselves on yummy food, it was time to turn on Thomas for the kiddos and the adults to get down to business.


On their newly acquired table, we were brought up to speed on the game (NOT they way they play it in Ponce mind you. No no. We were certainly anti “Ponce dominoes” for some reason.)

Gotta learn the lingo:

“La guagua” (= bus) is the double six. Because it looks like people on a bus. Aw.

La chucha is the double blank. ‘Cause, um, I forgot.

Learning the strategy

“Us vs. Them” Trevor and I were “Them” and we kicked butt!


I couldn’t resist


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