Maria- a year later


My sister asked me recently how Puerto Rico is doing one year after the hurricane. (I refer to Maria even though PR was effected by Irma as well). To me my daily routine feels much like it did before it.  I’m doing the family thing, I expect the power to go out a few times a month (or week), it doesn’t surprise me when we don’t have water pressure, and I make sure to have enough bottled water on hand and a full generator tank.

Little things here and there keep the memory fresh in our minds.


Painted on a storefront in San Juan

Something simple like street lights. After the hurricane my city fixed the street lights near major intersections. But along the rest of the main highway they are dark. I assume the city realized that not lighting up half of the freeway through town can save a lot of money. And most people have functioning headlights anyway.

My friends sold their boat so they didn’t have to deal with that liability during another hurricane season. There are still crooked electrical poles and powerlines on the ground here and there. Small businesses are slowly getting back on their feet.

San Juan_405-small

Put your hand in Boriqua, this fight’s for you

San Juan_401-small

We do not understand this democracy

There’s not much else I can write that hasn’t already been rehashed on the news and opinion pages. Life here marches on.


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