Rusty sewer pipe – let’s go

Puente de la Bellaca was something I randomly read about and decided we needed to hit next tome we drove ‘up north’ by Quebradillas. Today was the day!

Only making one u-turn then asking a guy in his front lawn where to go (those Spanish lessons pay off!) he told us to drive on the short questionable-looking road. There was a space to park and a path thru the woods. Naturally, I was nominated to walk first to break the spider webs.

Thankfully only a 5 minute hike or certain family members would’ve complained, we reached the bridge! It seemed sturdy enough after the hurricane. Let’s test it by walking on it with our kids!

It’s not that long and you can see some cool caves in the hillside and the ocean. It didn’t even sway in the wind. Haha. But… it smell like sewer.

We were too hot, tired and hangry from partying the night before we didn’t hit the pirate lair on the nearby beach but we’ll add it to the next day trip north.

Turns out my friends Cassie and Britton visited this place too! Read about it and get more history here

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