The mayor, big bands, and frisbees

My hubby gets a massage in Cabo Rojo every Wednesday. (Insert recommendation here: Iris on the plaza is the best!). My dad is in town and is decided to drag him to the Museo de Proceres in Cabo Rojo while Trevor did his thing.  
Trip advisor gave the museum mixed reviews but I’m glad we went. It was airy and spacious and nicely put together. Not to mention free! The signs were all in Spanish but hey I am working to be bilingual so it was OK. Besides a lot of it’s art and old photographs.

School projects

Anti-slavery fighter

Music room

The people were nice and we learned a little bit of history. But here’s the funny part: they couldn’t give us a pamphlet for the Museo because it had the mayor’s name on it. And since this is an election year and the mayor is running again, nobody can give out anything with his name on it because it would be considered propaganda.  Which is guess there are strict rules about…odd! Just give us the pamphlet with his name cut off!

Afterward we hit the nearby Cabo Rojo tourism department.  Which was two dudes in a tiny office who weren’t expecting visitors. haha.  But they gave us frisbees, stickers, pamphlets (no mention of the mayor) and were impressed with Dad’s Spanish. Well done Pops!

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