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Lisa, who used to write on this blog, recently posted on her own blog her experience in NYC this winter. We went this summer and just now I’m organizing our photos into a book to print.  Looking at Trevor’s photos, I see just how hard I/we worked with the kids on this vacation. Anyone will tell you vacays look tons different with kids, and I’m no different.

Actually, I preferred Trevor’s unposed photos of me. I can’t see for myself how hard I work schlepping and carrying, planning and anticipating. But these photos show it. I love seeing myself this way. I really do.

So here’s to the parents who dare to take vacations with kids. It’s worth it. I just looks a lot different than pre-kid vacays.


Calling the taxi at the airport


Giving some important instruction no doubt


Holding Ms. P outside the library. We DID have two strollers


Holding her in the Big Gay ice cream shop


Around the back ice cream feeding technique


Constantly evaluating risk


kneeling down to attend to something. always something


Still holding her by the Carousel

Trevor carries her too

Trevor carries her too


Needing Mama’s courage to try this out


Another quiet, relaxing meal.


Still attending


My space is your space 🙂


Your pace is my pace

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3 Responses to Traveling mother

  1. Lisa Bagchi says:

    I like this for many reasons but mainly because it speaks the truth. Great captures of a loving, doting (literally and figuratively) and patient mother.

  2. Allison says:

    Definitely worth it. Each of these made me smile, but “Another quiet, relaxing meal” especially. Good job giving them wings!

  3. Barbara Schutt says:

    I remember those days when my two were little, they are 15mo. apart. But as you are going through it, you don’t even realize most of the hard work it took 😉

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