Exoticness falling from the sky

I starting seeing a ton of small yellow fruits along the road. Not quite lemons, I needed a closer look.  At my son’s school a fellow Mom and I picked some up.  “They’re mangos” she answered to my query.

Smaller, and more mealy than the mangos you buy in the store, they don’t yield much fruit. But nonetheless – mangos falling all over the place!


The locals don’t seem to care, but to a Wisconsinite like me, mangos are exotic. Back in WI, if you bring mangos to a party, or get a mango smoothie, it’s special. Like a taste of the tropics.  You’re fancy schmancy. ooooo…mangos.

Here, eh, mangos fall from tree into the ditch. In fact, on three separate occasions a mango beaned my car roof.  It was loud and scared me! (“In other news, a gringa drove off the road when a mango beaned her car and she freaked out.”)

I decided to eat one.  Yeah, it was mealy and mostly skin and seed. Maybe it was a little underripe.  I could see why the locals just raked them up and tossed them out.  Or ran over them with their cars.  Now there is mango mush all around.

Squish the exoticness!

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3 Responses to Exoticness falling from the sky

  1. Bay says:

    Those mangoes are super delicious when ripe! The one you’re holding is too ripe IMO; they need to be picked up from the tree before fully yellow and overripe. The variety is called “Cuban mango,” at least in the Ponce area where I grew up eating them from backyards. Firm, fibrous, just the right amount of sweetness, and quite filling. I like to eat them slightly chilled! Regards.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    Yum! We discovered them our last trip in Feb. and they were on the ground. We ended up picking quite a few every couple of days to set on the counter for breakfast.

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