Depósitos en el banco

I always feel a little bit guilty when I go to deposit my rent into my landlord’s account. Why? Let me explain how people use the bank here. They use the bank to pay their utilities and obviously do things like deposit their paychecks and withdraw money. I have a feeling they do a lot more because the lines are always forever long.

Except they have an express lane for simply paying a deposit. And that’s what I use to pay rent. I always feel a little bit guilty passing up the eight or 10 people who are waiting in the longer line but if that’s the way the bank has set it up then who am I to go against the flow? 

And I am eternally grateful for this process. Because I always come with my deposit slip already filled out. The bank might be the fastest place that I ever get in and out of. Just don’t ever use the drive-through. More about that later. 

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