Our poor mirrors

Since moving here more than two years ago, I’ve had three side view mirror incidents. Now I’m done, right?

Yeah. Nothing like a morning shake up. Actually, I’m positive this happens all the time of these narrow mountain roads. Several times now I’ve seen the cars in front of me pass within inches of each other’s mirrors. And there are countless cars driving around with ‘naked’ side view mirrors. Or none at all. 

The second mirror incident happened here, at our gym parking lot. Just a little scratching against a concrete pillar as I reversed. These stalls are narrow!
The first mirror incident occurred not long after he moved here. A garbage dumpster was hanging out into the street and my passenger-side mere got completely tore off. As in, dangling by a wire. Oops. 

So if bad things come in threes I should be done now right? I’m sure that time I was slowly squeezing passed another car outside a school and our side view mirrors just kissed each other doesn’t count.

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    There are certainly some narrow winding roads and PR. Sorry about your mirror but you are good to go with the 3 things now, haha.

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