Festival Gastronomica

$45 ticket.  Like, a hundred restaurants and culinary schools, an Iron Chef competition, live bands and ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK! Game on!


You get a wine glass and a bag of goodies at the entrance

IMG_6639Festival Gastronomica is a major event that draws people from all over the west side of the island.  It’s run by parents of one of my son’s classmates.  It was a three day event, and we went Saturday night with our next door neighbors. I’m guessing well over 1000 people were there. And at least half the women were wearing big ol’ wedge shoes. Me too! I fit in! haha

My shoes

My shoes

shoesThe food was exquisite! There was a culinary school’s booth there that got me dreaming…


a pumpkin soup with coffee!

IMG_6649IMG_6661IMG_6657IMG_6651IMG_6648I would’ve thought that more of the restaurants would have postcards/biz cards and coupons, but not many did.

The suggested dress code was blue jeans and a white top. A good portion of the people wore that and it looked cool.


a photo booth with the biggest touch screen I’d ever seen



posing with my sparkly top


Trevor in a cool ‘couch’

IMG_6668We got a table in front of the main stage.  The two bands were quite fun in spite of being uber loud.  Lots of salsa/merengue music (some of which I actually knew!) plus a few wedding standards.  Trevor said he’s give me $1 if they played YMCA.  I bet on Brick House.  shrug  No money exchanged.


our neighbors cut a rug

The band played Twist & Shout/La Bamba which I asked Trevor to dance to! So we did even though no one else was dancing. Slowly, like 200 pairs of eyes drifted over to us.  I couldn’t stop smiling but I kept my eyes on Trevor.  haha  super fun. Bringing Lindy Hop to Mayaguez. GRINGOS IN THE HOUSE! (we dance at the end of this video)

At the end of the night we got in line at the Bacardi booth for a freshly made Mojito. Bacardi is made in Puerto Rico!

IMG_6714Siri on iPhones is pretty cool. You can just say “What song is this?” and hold your phone up to a song that is playing.  However……. Siri is NO GOOD if the music is SO LOUD she can’t hear you ask the question.  How’s a girl to build a good latin music collection?


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2 Responses to Festival Gastronomica

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Oh, my gosh that looks like so much fun! I can’t dance well but love to try, haha. Looks like you guys had a ball 🙂

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    Oh, and I love your shoes. PR women know their shoes, for sure. My first time there, their eyes always seem to gravitate to my footwear, haha.

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