Carribean dust storm

 As much as three billion metric tons of Saharan dust is transported across the Atlantic Ocean annually (Prospero et al., 1996).”

Yeah you read that right. It’s been hazy here. I just thought it was humidity but my friend informed me it was dust from Africa.   I had no idea! It’s like the Sahara desert is emptying  its dust bin on us. Rude! 

Here’s an interesting video. 

While I haven’t experienced respiratory issues, I will certainly be more aware of this.


We tried star gazing tonight and it was too hazy to see all but the brightest stars and planets.

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3 Responses to Carribean dust storm

  1. Yea, I posted a pic of the dust ‘storm’ on facebook and my arizona friends just giggled at my use of the word ‘storm’. I lived in Phoenix and the haboobs there are blinding. Guess it’s all relative, right? Lol. Hopefully the dust won’t be so bad this week. Buen dia!

  2. Laura says:

    lol, they can laugh at the word ‘storm’. I’ll laugh at the word haboob!

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