Guess how long the DMV took?

I was hoping it would take less than 4 hours to get my Puerto Rican license. After reading a few forums online I felt ready for the crazy hoops I’d have to jump through.

first line

first line

Wait in the info line. The lady was fully bilingual even with a sucker in her mouth. Got the application. “You need a doctor’s signature that you are fit to drive”. Wha?? Then she said, “There’s one outside. Turn left at the fence. You’ll see the cage”. Uh….

"You've gotta be kidding me" 'doctor' shack. What a sham.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me” ‘doctor’ shack. What a sham.

Wait in line at ‘doctor’ (aka dude behind the cage/shack sitting at a TV tray. Um, maybe he’ll just check my eyes by holding up a piece of paper? No. He just asked me if I had epilepsy, how tall I was, my weight and colors of my eyes. In other words, he just filled out the form I could’ve easily filled out myself. $20. Pay the lady inside the shack. Hrm.

If my spanish (and google’s spanish) serves, they had the options of black, white, or yellow for my skin color.

do you have yellow eyes to match your yellow skin?

do you have yellow eyes to match your yellow skin?

Wait in line back inside at info desk where lady has now finished her sucker. She approves my proof that I live here, my SS card and my passport. Gives me a number (02)

Wait in line to buy sellos “stickers” to affix to my application. Puerto Rican guy from Orlando chats me up in line.

IMG_4465Sit and wait. They are on number 95. Lady P thankfully reads books while I actually get to read an adult book! She leans on the leg of the beefy guys next to her, which he and I think is funny but she seems little mortified. We snack copiously.

I notice a sign that reads “No sleeveless tops, shorts or flipflops.” oops. I’m disobeying two of those. As are multiple other people. What a strange sign. What is this a cathedral?

IMG_4467My number called! Sit and get photo taken by guy who is not enthused to be working there. Tells me to go to another office area to get my passport photocopied, because apparently he doesn’t have a flat photocopier. Wait in another, albeit quick, line. Return to indifferent dude.

IMG_4468Wait for them to print the license. I resort to having P play games on my phone.

IMG_4470I’m called! They don’t even attempt to call my last name, instead bellowing “Laura Ann!” We’re free!

How long did it take? 2hrs 45 min! wahoo!  I felt like celebrating with a 4000 calorie frozen coffee drink, but opted just to go home.

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2 Responses to Guess how long the DMV took?

  1. Cassie says:

    Sounds like you got away fairly easy! Poor Britton didn’t. He accidently let the Colorado license expire and had to take the written and driven test! We took two days to get it all done. You can read about it here:

  2. Lisa Bagchi says:

    I enjoyed this. Shack Doctor. Anti-flip flops dress code. 2hr45min would … I don’t even … I guess it is better than 4hr!

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