Halloween – no mani

My astronaut and robot

My astronaut and robot

The Halloween hype lived up to my expectations.  There was a wonderful mood in the neighborhood as everyone prepared for Halloween trick or treating. Decorations popped up the afternoon of the 31st (and were taken down on Nov 1!)


Our next door neighbors offered to let us walk around with them. Thanks! As we waited for them to finish getting ready, Trevor and I were both feeling a little bashful when we realized we had no idea how trick or treating worked here.

IMG_0153 IMG_0159

Back in Wisconsin? Well in Madison if you had your front porch light on, your doorbell was fair game to ring.  In Wauwatosa when I was a kid, Trick or Treating was from 1-4pm on the Sunday before Halloween. Everyone’s doorbell was game.

There are no doorbells here. None.

As it turns out, the people giving out candy set up shop outside on their driveway or front stoop. This makes thing so much easier! You have no worries if you are bothering someone by banging on their door. And there is less walking for the candy-getters. love it. It’s much more of a welcoming and party atmosphere instead of ‘everyone for themselves’ feeling back in Madison. People were more apt to stop and talk.

IMG_0163The kids chanted:

Trick or Treat
Dame dulces
No mani

The last part means: give me candy, no peanuts.  haha It doesn’t rhyme as much as our old little ditty did:

Trick or Treat
Smell my feet
Gimme something
Good to eat

Gah! Did we actually say that? I think just to our friends.


This guy was very friendly and had a great set-up

Anyway, one ‘haunted’ house was all decorated and let people in. It was a bit too scary for Lil’ P, so we scampered out quickly.

IMG_0174 IMG_0175

Mr. D was ill, but got a kick giving out candy.


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