I swear!

So, of course, when you’re a foreign language student it’s always funny to learn a few swear words to giggle about and use with your friends.  Heck, I know 4 German phrases and yes, one includes a swear.  But here my first language is everyone else’s second language.  Therefore, I think swearing in English here is a little more prevalent than I’m used to.

Not by the people…in the music.  Yes, the music is in English, but where the swear-filled music is played makes my ears perk up and my eye brow raise (if I could raise one eyebrow).


First example: the gym! Now yeah, I guess I expect the gym to play pumping music to get people going.  But really, the song being played in the co-ed area had about 5 f-words in one minute. Just by watching Hollywood movies I’m sure every English as a 2nd language speaker knows that’s a swear. Maybe it doesn’t carry the same weight when it’s in your foreign language.  Ok, the gym is one thing.

me. stunned.

But the health food store was worse!!! This song had all sorts of f, n, and c words floating around. Whoa. Ah, do you know what is being said??

Am I a prude? Oversensitive? Hmm…….

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2 Responses to I swear!

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    I certainly wouldn’t like it either. I really hate the “F” bomb with a passion..probably because growing up it was my mother’s enormous distaste for it.

  2. Karen says:

    I’ve been married to my Puerto Rican husband for 21 years and to this day he doesn’t bat an eye when I swear in english but if I swear (even the lightest of offenses) in spanish he gets visibly uncomfortable and practically blushes. *shrug*

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