I’ve lived two years and I still don’t know this.

I’ve lived here a year and I still don’t know street names.  Obviously I know MY street name but outside my little neighborhood? Uh. Not really. Actually, the name of the main street in my gated neighborhood escapes my memory while writing this.

Besides a couple of the main ones like Hwy 2, and Post Street (which also has two other names) I couldn’t tell you even the street names I use everyday to get to school.

The lack of street signs is prohibitive to giving directions, but since people are so used to using landmarks, everyone expects it. If the intersection has no signs, it’s just easier to say “Turn left at the Denny’s” or “just after mile marker 5.6”

Sometimes our GPS takes about 6 solid seconds to spit out some long street names and by the time she says “in a quarter mile” we are already at the turn!

No signs

There are a couple of streets with simple names like Calle A, which intersects with Calle AA. (Which is really funny to hear the GPS lady say, which is the only reason I know the name of the road. Go ahead, say Calle AA out loud.  Btw, you pronounce ‘calle’ like kai-yay.  Now say AA in English.  Teehee)

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