Pelicans, Hard cookies and TP

I love weekends. We get to explore and each “Sabadomingo” as the kids call it feel like a mini-vacation to me.


view from the lookout

La Guancha is a boardwalk and beach area in Ponce. Down by some awe-some looking docking cranes, there is a tiny beach area, sunny playgrounds and a long boardwalk of food stands and pelicans.  Really, there didn’t seem to be much other to do there than eat and drink.  It held the kids attention for a couple hours, that’s all. Crunchy cookies helped.

IMG_3914There were a few kitchy souvenir and jewelery stands.  And people selling yucky pelican food (aka fish). IMG_3898

It was nice to gaze upon the big yachts in the harbor.  Dream a little…

Oh, but bring your own toilet paper.  There was NONE in the men’s or ladies rooms. And each little restaurant had their own public toilet in the back but they were all a bit creepy. I’ve had reoccuring creepy bathroom dreams my whole life and these didn’t help. haha


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