Policía de Mayaguez

Below is a photo I took while waiting at a red light. I was the first person waiting in the lane for the left turn arrow.  It’s a long wait. I heard rumbling coming up from behind me only to watch a cop driving up between the cars waiting at the light, swerve in front of my and stop in the crosswalk so he could turn first when the light turned green.  Then his buddy did the same. That’s not fair! (as you can see, they don’t care about all the cars/trucks running the red right in front of them either)

Crime is down though in Mayaguez! Which is good right? But a friend of ours said that the statistics aren’t really the reality. See, Puerto Rico has no money, and the police forces have cut back on overtime pay. So our friend said if a cop sees something near the end of their shift that needs police action, they are less likely to act on it.  Because there would be bringing someone in, or long paperwork, and filing of reports. If that goes over their shift, they don’t get paid for that time. So why give yourself work you won’t get paid for? Thankfully, I think Mayaguez is pretty safe overall anyway.

As debt deadline arrives for our government it will be interesting to watch what happens.  Meanwhile, the people still fill the malls and restaurants, and we can still ice skate outside.

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