Sometimes I’m Sad

Sometimes I see old photos of our previous homes, with all the things we used to own. We sold SO MANY things to move to Puerto Rico. Art work, furniture we invested in with the intention of keeping for years and years, even bowls, toys and and winter clothes. At any moment they spark a longing to own them again.
It’s then that I remind myself that material things are replaceable. And that many of my old items went to friends and other good homes.


My old double jogging stroller

Well, what else can you think? It was a decision we made, and one that we stuck to. Yes, I wish I had a few things back. But, with all things in life, there are comings and goings. Ebbs and flows. Even people come and go.  Our stuff can too.


my purses at my rummage sale


my 1960s coat

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