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Hurricane Maria: the emotions before

I realized preparing for a hurricane is like waiting to give birth for the first time. You know approximately when it’s going to come but have no idea how the event will pan out, how horrible/wonderful/painful it will be. You … Continue reading

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Parallelogram: My New Neighborhood

\One ex-pat experience explored from two points-of-view\ \\ Laura\Mayaguez Tell me about your old Madison, Wisconsin neighborhood. We rented a house on the west side of Madison. Quiet, friendly, beautiful, playgrounds abounding, with ‘secret’ walking trails that wound behind the … Continue reading

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A new Paris in Puerto Rico

There’s a new Paris in Puerto Rico. Whenever I watched sitcoms and the neighbor kid would wander into the house all the time, I always thought it was so fake. Nobody ever did that. Until there was Paris. Our last … Continue reading

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A thanks to my daughter for letting me ‘use her’

I need to thank¬†my blonde haired blue-eyed fearless two-year-old¬†daughter. Every time we go out shopping no matter where we are, she gets reactions from those around us. Particularly the women. “Que lindo!” I hear over and over again. It means … Continue reading

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