Taxi fear, Subway courtesy 

So my family spent 4 nights in New York City in July. We had a blast!

We traveled so lightly. Meaning, we didn’t transport at least 12 articles of baggage. We didn’t even take the car seats.

We needed to take a taxi 2x though. The law in NY does not require kids to be in car seats in taxis. Convenient. And scary. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t have the kiddos strapped in? IMG_9056A nervous but surprisingly calm one. Our two trips the kids say on our laps with our arms around them. They had a blast. Eek! IMG_9061We took the subway the rest of the time. Trains! Noise! Heat! It was exciting and overwhelming for the kids. But EVERY time we boarded the train a person gave up their seat for us.Young and even old people. How nice!  (Did we look that frazzled with out strollers?) I was prepared to encounter rudeness but found courtesy instead. Bravo Nueva York!

Mr D loved looking out the windows at...the dark

Mr D loved looking out the windows at…the dark

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3 Responses to Taxi fear, Subway courtesy 

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Plains, trains, and automobiles 🙂 Glad you had a safe fun trip!

  2. Tonie says:

    So happy that you had a great time in my home town, NYC. Also so happy that you encountered some nice people there(there are many but visitors only see the rude ones).

    Now you can come back to Puerto Rico and appreciate other cities and perhaps return when the kids are older. There is sooooo much to see there and they will appreciate it more when they are older.

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